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Becoming Primal Canine | Episode 4 Intro Monique

Becoming Primal Canine is a series based on Primal Canine the company. We look into the day to day practices of one of the leading dog training companies in the industry. We have an exclusive look into who they are and what they do to pursue to be the best.

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#DIY: How to Make a T-Shirt Dog Toy

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As humankind’s most loyal and steadfast friend, dogs share many qualities with people. Both understand moods of those around them, both enjoy sleeping on the bed, and both dogs and people get into trouble when they’re bored. With a couple old t-shirts and a pawsin your day, you can make a quick and easy toy to prevent that mischievous boredom in your canine companion. Who knows? Your pooch might find your handmade creation quite… fetching.


For this project, the only things you need are two t-shirts and a pair of scissors. Have a couple old shirts lying around with a stain or two? This is the perfect project to reuse them!

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Start by cutting little 2-3” wide slits at the base of your shirts. After you’ve cut your slits, just rip along the slit and your t-shirt will have the perfect strips of fabric for the next step.

primal canine rope toy.jpg

Gather your t-shirt strips and tie off one end. Divide your strips into thirds and braid them together.

diy rope toy primal canine dog training.jpg


Once you’ve braided down to the other end, tie up the bottom and cut any straggling t-shirt strips.

Whether this toy comes in handy during an epic tug-of-war battle or serves as a distraction to keep your pooch’s mind from wandering to the smelly trash can and dreams of gnawing the legs off the couch– it’s a simple and fun way to make something special for your four-legged friend.



Introducing a New Puppy Into Your House

primal canine bay area puppy training

[youtube=] Here's a short clip on how to introduce a new puppy or puppies into your pack, this by no way the complete way to introduce a new pup so more information please email us at

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Dogs & Babies.. Doesn't Get much Better

primal canine bay area dog training babies and dogs

Here are some great photos from, Enjoy.


Dean Wissing / Via Flickr: deanwissing

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André Mouraux / Via Flickr: spigoo

The Effects of Training on a Dogs Brain - Infographic

dog brain primal canine bay area dog training

Here's a nice infographic we found on on the effects of training on your dogs brain, Enjoy! primal canine bay area dog training