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Introducing a New Puppy Into Your House

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[youtube=] Here's a short clip on how to introduce a new puppy or puppies into your pack, this by no way the complete way to introduce a new pup so more information please email us at

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

Y dog toy (1).JPG
1. Materials & Tools Needed for “Y” Shaped Dog Tug & Toss Toy •3/8” Rope •Tape Measure •Scissors •3 Small Zip Ties •Marker •Needle-Nose Pliers or Hemostats •Lighter
Y dog toy (87).JPG
SQ_KNOT_DOG_TOY [800x600] (116).JPG
Y dog toy (85).JPG

These easy to make colorful rope toys are great for any size dog.

"Y" SHAPED DOG TUG & TOSS TOYProject Cost $1.68 (100' of rope at $7.00 = $0.07 a foot; Project 24' x $0.07 = $1.68)

Check out my basic version of this toy at Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

If you are having trouble tying the knot see my video BASIC KNOT VIDEO

(If you are concerned with your dog ingesting the nylon rope, natural 3/8" jute rope can be used instead) WARNING

Please discard if toy becomes damaged or torn. Not intended for children. Should be used for chewing & playing only. Supervision is recommended when dogs are playing with toys.

How To: Build Proper Pack Structure [Basic Tips]

primal canine bay area dog training

In Households with multiple dogs it is extremely important to build proper pack structure to decrease the amount of dog fights over ranking. The dogs that get more "privileges" are going to be known as a higher ranking pack member, for lower ranking dogs this presents a challenge and being that dogs are pack animals they will test the higher ranking dogs if not properly trained. This video is one of many videos we will be releasing about pack structure.

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