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Ask Primal Canine | Episode 8

Ask Primal Canine is your chance to ask head trainers and affiliate associations of Primal Canine your questions about your dogs.

Every Thursday we will air questions from you! Feel free to leave your comments or questions below or email #primalcanine
Filmed by Jeff Knapp and Mackswell
B.Co Creative Agency #BCoCA

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Becoming Primal Canine | Episode 4 Intro Monique

Becoming Primal Canine is a series based on Primal Canine the company. We look into the day to day practices of one of the leading dog training companies in the industry. We have an exclusive look into who they are and what they do to pursue to be the best.

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The Real Benefits of Dog Ownership

For thousands of years dogs have been there for us as our best friends. But what are the tangible benefits of that friendship? Sure, a goofy dog makes us laugh, but how much? And we do find ourselves walking more each day, but how far? Let’s take a look at just how much dogs benefit us in our daily lives, in real numbers. 

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New Episodes From Raising Hell, Ask Primal Canine & The 2016 LA Pet Expo

Just in case you haven't been keeping up with the latest from our web series, here you go!! 

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#ThrowbackThursday Playtime and Obedience w/Marilyn & Mike

Marilyn was my first rescue, she came with A LOT of health problems as well as a ton of behavior problems. She was extremely scared and insecure about everything (she couldn't even walk at night). We worked with her and over time she became comfortable with all situations and all of her behavior (aggression) issues faded away.

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Primal Canine 2yr Anniversary Video

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us and to everyone who has supported us from the beginning. Also thank you to the sponsors of our 2year event Konjoe Burger Bar, Whole Foods Blossom Hill, Cung Le, Organic Fitness and Willow Glen Pet Hospital . 

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