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Quick Training Tips: Creating Engagement

Before we get into the "How to" portion of this post lets first ask ourselves, why? why should our dogs want to engage with us?.. Engagement has many different meanings in the dog world and the way we use it here at Primal Canine is when your dog is completely to you in any situation with any sort of distraction with out command. If you train with us you might be thinking engagement equals the focus command, although they might produce the same result engagement is about the relationship between you and your dog and your dogs want to listen to you and engage with you. Commands are just that commands, dogs and people will listen with the proper incentive or fear of repercussion, although that is the black and white way most dogs live in that does not mean your dog wants to listen to you or for that matter is having fun and enjoying life. This leads to the importance of creating positive engagement with your dog and building that relationship and partnership with your pup so they want to train and listen to you in any situation with any distraction around.   

When you start working on creating engagement go back to thinking "why should my dog engage with me?" think about what makes your dog tick? What do they love the most? What is their drive? After you've put this into thought and experimented with different toys, treats and energy levels of praise, put it into action with your training and most importantly have fun! Remember if you are not motivated and not having fun with your dog during training they differently are not ether. When you can have fun with your dog during training and even outside of training your dogs will want to engage with you more and learn that you are where the good stuff is at and being with you is greater then any distraction or scenario out there. 

This is just a quick look into creating positive engagement with your dogs, any questions feel free to email us at or leave a comment bellow.

"Owning a dog is a lifestyle, training your dog is part of that lifestyle"

-Mike Jones