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30 Insane Facts About Dogs

Did you know that there are two dog breeds that have black tongues? And did you know that Bloodhounds can trace scents that are over 300 hours old? We certainly didn't, but with our handy new infographic you can read thirty exciting facts about our favourite companions. Take a look at the infographic below for more insane facts!

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Funny Facts About Dogs

Who doesn't like puppies? We all love play with them, but we should not only enjoy the playing time. We have to take care of them. And to make it easier, we created the compelling infographic with very interesting facts about dogs. Visit: - See more at:

Are You A Cat Or Dog Person?

id you know that the type of pet you care for says a lot about your personality? Cat people and dog people have quite distinct differences in their personalities. For example, cat people are more likely to be introverts, while dog people are more likely to be extroverts. Cat people prefer music like new wave or Class Rock; dog people are more likely to listen to jam bands.

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