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Introducing a New Dog to Your Pack - Video

introducing a new dog primal canine dog training san jose

The introduction of a new dog to a home with existing dogs can be a bit tricky and should be taken very seriously. When introducing a new dog to your current pack there are a few things to take into consideration.. 1. Are you your current dog(s) pack leader? - A dog without a strong stable pack leader will feel the need to go out of their way to protect the pack and may lash out on the new addition. Also a dog that is not sure in their leader will under go a huge amount of stress which is not good for your dog health.

2. Do you use a crate?- A crate is the safest way to introduce a dog into a household with a current dog or dogs, this way your newest member will feel safe and secure in their crate while your dogs can see and smell them without any threat of a fight.

3. Does your current dog(s) display dog aggression?- This maybe one of the most crucial parts to take into consideration and is best to be dealt with before you add a new dog into your house. The best way to deal with this is to contact your local dog trainer for some advice and training classes, remember not all dogs have to like each other but ALL dogs must display manners when around other dogs.

There is much more to add to this short post, so if you're interested in adding a new dog to your pack please contact us at or to set up your FREE evaluation please contact us at 408.915.6173



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Starting April 25th we will be adding another class at 6:15pm, This class will feature basic - intermediate obedience and agility. As usual new clients must complete at least 1 private and 1 basic group class (Saturday @1:30.) before joining this class.

Interested in joining the Primal Canine Pack? Give us a call today to set up your FREE evaluation 408.915.6173

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HAZEL The Hound Mix

hazel primal canine stand dog training

For the past few weeks i have had the pleasure of working with a rescue named Hazel and her mom Kirsten. In our first meeting we recognized Hazels unique calmness as if she had no worries in the world haha. After establishing some commands Heel, sit, etc and running Hazel through agility we later noticed her insecurities and fears. Once we noticed what Hazel was afraid of we fine tuned her training from gaining basic obedience to overcoming her fears and becoming comfortable with these objects while still listening to her basic commands. After a few private lessons I am extremely happy to see all the progress Hazel has made both with her obedience and more importantly her self-esteem. She has gone from a shy little girl to a full-blown sassy teenaged pup in a matter of weeks and I cant wait to see what advancements she makes as we continue to train.



Head Trainer

-Mike Jones

Here are some photos of Hazels training process -

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Adoptable Dog: God/Azul is now available

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Last Friday i was introduced to one of the biggest babies I've ever seen, his name is Azul but we've been calling him God because of his size. He's an extremely cuddly and playful dog he gets along with everyone and shows no signs of dog aggression. We are training him and then placing him in a forever home with in the next couple weeks, If you are in the SF Bay Area and are interested in this big baby please email us at His info-

  • Name: Azul/God
  • Age: 2yrs
  • Breed: Pit Bull
  • Size: about 120lbs maybe a bit less
  • Temperament: playful and loves attention, gets along good with all types or people and dogs, he just doesn't know he's a big boy.

He does come with some stipulations-

Cost of adoption is $475  - He comes with a 4x4 training package (4 privates x 4 groups)

  1.  Adopter must continue training him
  2.  Monthly check-ins (just a call so we know he is doing well)

Here are some pics of him working on his obedience and heel, we will release a video of his progress soon.

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Lanetta & Emily - Testimonial

Emily Primal Canine Dog training

I have had the pleasure of working with Lanetta and her Pit Bull - Mastiff mix pup Emily for the past few months and its been great. Watching the bond between owner and dog strengthen through our training process is what makes all this worth it for me. Emily's transformation from scared young pup to an obedient adolescent dog has been a joy to watch and it could not have been done without the effort put forward from her mom Lanetta. Thank you Lanetta and Emily for being part of the Primal Canine Pack, its been a joy seeing you to grow together and we look forward to continued progress as we turn Emily into a superstar!

Mike Jones

Head Trainer


"I love Primal Canine. This has made the challenge of being a first-time doggy Mom, so much easier.  I love that Mike, the trainer, is always available to answer questions. He is knowledgeable and helps me feel prepared to navigate my training needs now and in the future.  The one-on-one and the group classes have made such a positive difference in my puppy Emily that she no longer drags me down the street, pulls me down to the ground, no more jumping up on people to greet them and most importantly, no more bolting out the door and running away!!! Now that I have control over my dog even at her highest level of excitement, I know I can comfortably and safely take her with me anywhere. Although Emily's favorite part of class is doing agility, I love the incorporation of obedience into everything we do. This training has given us both the freedom to enjoy each other and the world around us much more.
I can't say enough good things about Mike and the rest of the Primal Canine staff."
Thank you all for everything,
Lanetta Roy, RN
Mom to 8 month old puppy (66lbs pit bull/mastiff)
Emily Primal Canine Dog training

Agility + Obedience = Confident Dog

bear marilyn primal canine sit

We like to incorporate obedience commands during agility to build confidence in your dog. If done correctly with proper reassurance & praise this will not only build your dogs confidence but it we build your dogs confidence in you and strengthen your bond. Have questions? Let us know what you think comment below or email us at

Bear doing a SIT on the A-Frame

Bear primal canine sit aframe

Bear doing a STAND on the A-Frame

Bear primal canine stand aframe


Bear & Marilyn doing a SIT

bear marilyn primal canine sit



Are you looking for a dog trainer that can help you get control over your dog? We can help. At Primal Canine our main goal is to establish a healthy relationship between you and your dog, this means your pup must obey at all times no matter the circumstances. That also means that you must communicate with your dog in a proper way to make them want to work for you versus being afraid of a correction. We specialize in behavior modification meaning if you have an overly aggressive, energetic, stubborn, etc. dog we show you the way to correct that behavior so that your dog is well-balanced and happy.

Give us a call or email today and let us help improve your relationship with your furry friend.

Thank you,

Mike Jones

Head Trainer. 

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Thank you visiting our website, we are currently in the building stages so bare with us. What you can expect from this site/blog is multiple post about some of the dogs we train, videos as well as other things we find interesting. Please feel free to email us any training questions you may have and if you're in the Bay Area email us today to set up your free 1 on 1 evaluation ( ). Thank you again,  


Head Trainer

Mike Jones


Here are some photos from some of our classes -

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