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Lanetta & Emily - Testimonial

Emily Primal Canine Dog training

I have had the pleasure of working with Lanetta and her Pit Bull - Mastiff mix pup Emily for the past few months and its been great. Watching the bond between owner and dog strengthen through our training process is what makes all this worth it for me. Emily's transformation from scared young pup to an obedient adolescent dog has been a joy to watch and it could not have been done without the effort put forward from her mom Lanetta. Thank you Lanetta and Emily for being part of the Primal Canine Pack, its been a joy seeing you to grow together and we look forward to continued progress as we turn Emily into a superstar!

Mike Jones

Head Trainer


"I love Primal Canine. This has made the challenge of being a first-time doggy Mom, so much easier.  I love that Mike, the trainer, is always available to answer questions. He is knowledgeable and helps me feel prepared to navigate my training needs now and in the future.  The one-on-one and the group classes have made such a positive difference in my puppy Emily that she no longer drags me down the street, pulls me down to the ground, no more jumping up on people to greet them and most importantly, no more bolting out the door and running away!!! Now that I have control over my dog even at her highest level of excitement, I know I can comfortably and safely take her with me anywhere. Although Emily's favorite part of class is doing agility, I love the incorporation of obedience into everything we do. This training has given us both the freedom to enjoy each other and the world around us much more.
I can't say enough good things about Mike and the rest of the Primal Canine staff."
Thank you all for everything,
Lanetta Roy, RN
Mom to 8 month old puppy (66lbs pit bull/mastiff)
Emily Primal Canine Dog training