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Introducing a New Dog to Your Pack - Video

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The introduction of a new dog to a home with existing dogs can be a bit tricky and should be taken very seriously. When introducing a new dog to your current pack there are a few things to take into consideration.. 1. Are you your current dog(s) pack leader? - A dog without a strong stable pack leader will feel the need to go out of their way to protect the pack and may lash out on the new addition. Also a dog that is not sure in their leader will under go a huge amount of stress which is not good for your dog health.

2. Do you use a crate?- A crate is the safest way to introduce a dog into a household with a current dog or dogs, this way your newest member will feel safe and secure in their crate while your dogs can see and smell them without any threat of a fight.

3. Does your current dog(s) display dog aggression?- This maybe one of the most crucial parts to take into consideration and is best to be dealt with before you add a new dog into your house. The best way to deal with this is to contact your local dog trainer for some advice and training classes, remember not all dogs have to like each other but ALL dogs must display manners when around other dogs.

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