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10 DIY Ways To Spoil Your Dog

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We came across this article on and thought we'd share it with you, let us know what you think comment below!

1. “Dog Collar”

"Dog Collar"

2. Knitted Doggy Tutu

Knitted Doggy Tutu

3. Doggy Kimono

Doggy Kimono

4. Ombré Dog Leash

Ombré Dog Leash

5. Suitcase Dog Bed

Suitcase Dog Bed

6. Tennis Ball Toy

Tennis Ball Toy

Use an old shirt to make this little octopus toy. As a bonus, it’ll drive your pup crazy because it smells like you!

7. Easy Dog Biscuits

Easy Dog Biscuits

8. Metal Stamped Dog tags

Metal Stamped Dog tags

9. Little Leg Warmers

Little Leg Warmers

10. DIY Dog Wall Art

The sweetest piece of artwork you’ll ever own. Get the DIY here.