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Daily Training Tips: Beginner Obedience Heel-to-Sit

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Here's a quick video on how we introduce the sit command to new dogs during a heel. Count comes from an amazing bloodline (Homie Blood) but was kept in a backyard most of his life, so he had no idea of the real world and when he was introduced to it he froze. We took a couple weeks to re-imprint and socialize him with the pack now he is in first steps of our training program and has come ALLLLLONG way!..

Like i tell all of my clients there is no bad dogs, there is just bad or miseducated owners. In my pack i have no clean slates or working line bred dogs, we take pound puppies and turn them into full fledged service dogs or in some cases protection dogs. This is where the Primal Canine Philosophy comes in, we re-work the nerves and train these dogs with compassion and communicate with them the way you should.

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