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DIY Designer Rope Leash

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from - So mom noticed lately that I’ve been ooh and ahhing over this trendy rope leash from Mungo & Maud. And while I’ll always think it’s super stylin’ – $110 for a new leash for me just wasn’t in the budget.

Instead, on a recent trip to a tack shop in Delaware – mom came up with a plan to make me my very own Rope Leash. For $5!

D.I.Y. $5 Rope Dog Leash

Supplies: cotton horse lead rope, hammer, rope clamp

Step One: You will need to obtain a cotton horse leadrope. I got mine at a horse tack shop in Delaware for $3. You can also get one online at most tack supply places like here. Or check your local horse supply store.

Step Two: You will need to buy a clamp to make the end of your rope into a handle. I bought a package of two (you know, incase I need a rope leash for my best pal Trooper) for $4.39 (about $2 for each one) at the local hardware store. Most hardware stores should carry them in the rope section, and you can find some online here.

Step 3: Figure out how big of a handle you want at the other end and adjust your rope into the clamp accordingly. It also helps to have a cute little dachshund around for supervision.

Step 4: You will need the help of your dad to hammer the clamp shut around the rope.

Then Tada! You are ready for your next walk in your stylish dog leash!

If you don’t have access to a horse lead rope, you can also use any cotton rope. You will just need too metal rope clamps and a snap for the end – all supplies can be found at the local hardware store.

Yeah, you know you want to beg your mom or dad to make you one of these bad boys!

I think I need one of these in every color! Almost as good as the real thing…..

Rope Leash from Mungo & Maud