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Dog Energy Levels & Fitness Tips

[Repost from our sister blog The Primal Workout] As part of a household sometimes the ones needing the most exercise gets overlooked. Pets more specifically DOGS require a great deal of exercise to live a fulfilled life. In short descriptions here is the minimums I suggest to all my dog training clients.

Low Energy Dog. These dogs should not be overlooked just because they lay around all day sleeping does not mean they are happy. For these dogs I suggest at least 30min of walking a day plus 1 10-15min training session as well as some playtime.

Medium Energy Dog Judging a dogs energy level can be a bit tricky, for example a dogs energy in my training session can and will most likely be a lot lower than their energy at home just because of the new surroundings. Most medium energy dogs would do fine with an hour of walking and a little park time or short runs accompanied by 1 10-15min training sessions on a daily basis (don't forget playtime).

High Energy Dogs To be more specific a HIGH energy dog is along the lines of a “working dog” these types of dogs are a big commitment. They need exercise everyday or they can become destructive by tearing things up in the house. My two pit bulls are what you would call “High” energy dogs, they get a 3 mile run or an hour of play along with a couple walks and an hour of working dog training 5 days a week.

No matter what level of energy your dog has it is important to note, your dog needs you! They need your attention, they need to be exercised and they need to obey you. Now get up and walk your dogs!! ;)

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