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There is a lot of theory's when it comes to what your dogs should eat. Should you just buy a high-end kibble , go raw, raw with veggies, just raw meat, incorporate meaty bones, etc..  Most people prefer the convenience of just buying a good kibble but as in most cases the most convenient way is not necessarily the best way to go. Feeding your dog on a strictly kibble diet even at the highest grades is like us eating TV dinners or cereals everyday for every meal, we may be able to live and function but it would cause us not only health issues but it would affect our general moods. Your dog is no different his food will not only dictate his physical health but it will affect his mental being as well. When thinking of changing your dog's diet make sure to do as much reasearch as you would if you were thinking of changing your own diet. We don't recommend one type of raw or real food diet for all dogs, because what you would feed a 120lb Italian mastiff  probably wouldn't be suitable for a 5lb   Chihuahua. Think what raw food would your dog have access to in the wild if their small dogs I highly doubt they would be taking down any large prey, they may be getting the scraps from a bigger dogs meal or preying on small game animals such as chicken, turkey,etc.

The one thing we want you to take away from this is no one raw diet is suitable for all dogs but any raw diet is better than a strictly kibble diet!. Here's a short video we found on the raw model prey diet we think its pretty informative and could be of use when raising puppies on a raw diet.


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