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Importance of Training While Walking

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A question that I get a lot is "Should I still keep my dog in heel during our daily walks?" the answer is YES! not only do you want to keep them in the heel position but you should change your walking speeds from slow to jog to walk (in no order) so your dog can learn that no matter what pace you're in he has to stay with you in heel. As well as working your heel you should incorporate your basic obedience training sit, focus,down, recalls, etc. while walking so your dog becomes comfortable performing the moves in foreign places, If your dog becomes nervous (not aggressive, if they show signs of aggression correct them) while walking and training due to cars, loud noises and people remember to praise them and reassure them that they are ok. Dogs will perform best in places they feel comfortable, the trick is to make everywhere comfortable to them. This is just one of the things we work on in our real life obedience classes for more information and to schedule your FREE evaluation - 408.915.6173

Note: Please consult with a trainer before performing this exercise, an untrained owner can do more harm than good.

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