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How to Make Eco-Friendly Dog Toys from Old Jeans & Tees | DIY Project

Who wants a green dog? We're helping our dogs go green by upcycling old jeans and t-shirts into fun, eco-friendly dog toys. 

Fetch this easy DIY project by shredding your old, undonatable jeans and tees and braiding your way into your dog's playful heart. 

Why buy disposable toys that are made from chemical-laden plastic when you can make your own out of your old clothes. This is one of the easiest DIY projects out there. Start by getting your frustrations by ripping some old clothes to shreds. Then braid the stands together and knot both ends for a great pull toy. 

If your doggie loves to fetch, add a tennis ball on the end and watch those old clothes fly! 

This green and thrifty project from tuja's very own Frugal Frog will save money on toys, keep chemicals and toxins out of your pet's mouth and upcycle clothes that were bound for the dump. Good for the planet, your pooch and the pocketbook. 

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