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All to often we come across people contemplating the need of training for their dog(s). The truth is YES! Your dog needs training and yes! You definitely need to find training from a professional dog trainer (not Google, YouTube or your uncle that has big dogs and watches Cesar Millan). The matter of training for your dog should not depend on the thought process of if you think your dog needs training or not, but thought about more in the context of where they're going to go for training. Just as you would research which school to send your children to, you should do the same with your dog. Your dogs need to have both mental and physical exercise everyday and in a way that fits them best. 

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Watch The First Episodes of Our 3 New Web Series

Thank you for watching the first episode of Raising Hell, in this episode you will see Cerberus's journey home. We hit a few bumps in the road but w eventually got him back to the office. Stay tuned and subscribe and watch his journey.

Tune in for the first ever season of Becoming Primal Canine, during this season we will cover the development of the PC kennel techs and the new trainers as well as the rest of the PC pack!.

Thank you for watching our first ever Ask Primal Canine. In this episode we address a couple behavior questions it is important to understand that behavioral problems should not be addressed in a DIY manner and you should consult a professional and seek training. Thank you all for your questions, we will continue to answer them as best we can so keep the questions coming. 

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