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Tips For A Green Dog Bath

via PetCareRx 

Don’t Leave Water Running

Wet your dog, then shut the water off. Lather them up, and be sure to scrub all over, even between the toes. Avoid eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The face can be cleaned with a damp wash cloth separately. When it’s time, turn the water back on for a good rinse.

Don't Double Lather

If you give a good first wet-down before shampooing, even the muddiest dog will be already partially clean. Most dogs will be clean enough after one thorough lathering and a final rinse. Washing only once saves both water and shampoo, and reduces the chance of drying out your dog’s skin.

Towel Dry

Save the hair dryer for yourself, not your dog. Using a for-humans hair dryer on your dog can dry out your dog’s skin, and it wastes energy!

Bathe Your Pets at Home

Unless you use a groomer that adheres to green practices, chances are your groomer will use more energy, waste more water, and use more toxic cleansers than you might use at home.