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Having Fun While Training - Video

primal canine dog training marilyn

The most important part of training (in our world) is to make sure you and your pup have fun during your training sessions, we want your dog to want to work for you and enjoy it versus working to avoid correction. We strive for that big goofy dog smile by the end of every training session, after all a well-trained happy dog is a full filled dog. Here is a quick video of a "play drive" training session with our dog Marilyn, she was a rescue we got from a local shelter. When we first took her home we had no idea the extent of her mental as well as physical health problems, she was extremely insecure and scared of everything (she was terrified of the dark) during regular training sessions she would shut down(goes to a down shakes and wont move) at the first small correction, that limited her growth un till we found her drive. Once we noticed Marilyn had a strong prey drive we used it to break her from shutting down during obedience and that shot her training though the roof when it came to her ability to learn and overcome her insecurities. Marilyn is now a well-balanced service dog and i am happy to say she is full filled and no longer afraid of the dark haha.

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