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Our main location is located at 155 Mast St. Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037

Primal Canine's training packages are completely tailored to you and your dogs individual needs and goals. We offer a variety of different training settings and packages that include private one on one's at our facility, group sessions, pack walks, social scenario training and in home visits.  Each training package is paired with private sessions and group classes to maximize your dog's learning potential and full proof their training.    


Services offered:

  • Obedience (All Levels)

  • AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Certification

  • AKC CGC Certification

  • AKC Community Canine (CGCA) Certification

  • Agility Training

  • Behavior Modification

  • Puppy Training

  • Service Dog Training

  • Sport Specific Dog Training

  • Personal Protection Training

  • Socialization

  • Board & Train

  • Online Training Programs

  • Dog Walking

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Primal Canine Obedience Levels: 

Each level comes with its own course, requirements, and test that will certify its completion. All clients are not required to participate (although it is suggested). Please ask your trainer for further details and a course outline.

O1: This is our basic obedience certification. At this point your dog will be able to listen to all commands and function in a distraction free environment with a loose leash. A O1 Test & Course will have to be passed to accomplish this certification. 

02: To achieve our 02 certification. You and your dog will have to complete mildly distractive courses with a loose leash and complete communication. The courses will mainly focus on the partnership between owner and dog as only vocal praise is allowed. This is our Intermediate level certification, please ask your trainer for course details.   

03: The advanced certification is not to be taken lightly. All dogs who pass our O3 certification will be able to confidently function and listen off leash in all environments. All courses must be passed with minimal verbal communication and absolutely no reward until each course is passed. A O3 dog must be comfortable in highly distractible environments with no verbal reassurance from its handler.  (all working dogs must achieve a minimum of O3 cert. to be leveled in our protection rankings) 

03s: he O3s certification is our most advanced level obedience certification. To achieve this, your dog must be completely off leash with high level distractions with no verbal corrections. All heeling courses must also be completed in reverse with 180 as well as 360 degree turns.


Doggy Bootcamp Party:

Primal Canine would like to introduce our newest program "The Doggy Bootcamp Party". During your exclusive two hour session you will learn the basics of obedience, communication, dog management and pack structure in a light hearted manner and setting. This package is great for your pup's birthday parties, team building for your pet friendly work environments, or if you just want to get a group of friends together for some private training. Please contact us today for more information.  


For more information on our training packages and small group training please give us a call at 408.915.6173 to set up your FREE evaluation. 

If your not in the San Francisco Bay Area we have multiple locations throughout the United Sates.

-  San Diego, Ca. 

- Twin Cities, Mn.


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