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The Big Bad Ecollar Trainers

Okay so I know this is a very sensitive subject for most dog owners and trainers, but I feel that there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to the use of ecollars, so I would like to clear some things up. Yes, we use ecollars for some dogs if it fits their needs and training goals, and yes, ecollars are not for all dogs. If you noticed none of the above statements made involve my personal comfort or feelings with the use of an ecollar. Injecting personal feelings and human emotion into dog training seems to be something that most people are not willing to forgo. It's always, "I do not support the use of ecollars" or "I do not feel comfortable with using an ecollar on my dog". The reality is that this is not about you- it is about your dog! What you might not feel comfortable with might not be the best for your dog, and only training with tools that you are comfortable with may be affecting your dog in negative ways. Forcing your personal beliefs on the training of your dog without proper education or the lack of will to use methods outside of your belief system will only cause more problems and most likely cause miscommunication between of you and your dog.

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